Tower Multi Cooker 40cm

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Tower Multi Cooker.

Tower Multi Cooker has the ability to cook a wide variety of foods to perfection using minimal effort.

With its handy cooking functions, delicious food need not be time-consuming. With its slow cooking function for convenience, steaming for healthy cooking, white rice and brown rice for beautiful fluffy results, oatmeal porridge for a filling and effortless breakfast and much more.

It is a versatile appliance that allows you to cook using a variety of different cooking techniques in one appliance eliminating the need for individual appliances and saving space in your kitchen.


  • Maximum power -1500w/230w
  • 5 temperature settings
  • Non-stick cooking surface
  • Detachable thermo control for easy storage
  • Heat resistant carry handles
  • Glass lid with heat resistant handle
  • Ideal for stews, curries, casseroles, pasta, stir frys, paella & more

Size: 40cm (Approx.)

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