Powerforce Biodegradable Surface Wipes 72 Pack

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Use biocides safely and sustainably. It is illegal to use this product for uses or in a manner other than prescribed on this label. Always read the label before use. Wash hands thoroughly after use. Avoid contact with broken skin, if this should occur, rinse immediately with clean water. For sensitive skin wear rubber gloves. Do not use with other cleaning products. Not for skin cleansing or other personal use. Do not use on carpets, upholstery or any fabrics. Not to be used on painted, polished or untreated wood. Always test on an inconspicuous area before use. Do not flush down the toilet. Dispose of contents/container in accordance with local regulations.

Peel back label on front of pack and dispense wipes as required. Reseal label carefully to prevent wipes drying out. Wipe surface vigorously removing all traces of soiling. Leave to air dry. Repeat with new wipe as needed. Leave to act for 5 minutes. Dispose of wipes with general waste. Read label before use. The wipes are not a substitute for good hygiene practices.

Contains Amongst Other Ingredients <5% Non-ionic Surfactant. Also Contains Disinfectant - Per 100g Of Liquid Contains 0.8g Of Benzalkonium Chloride And Perfume.

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