Stella Artois Premium Lager Beer Cans 440ml

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With a flavourful taste and a clean finish, Stella Artois is meant to be savoured

Per 100ml: Energy: 165kJ /, (kJ / kcal): 39kcal, Fat : 0g, of which saturates : 0g, Carbohydrate : 3.2g, of which sugars : 0.3g, Protein : 0.4g, Salt : 0g Per 440ml: Energy: 727kJ /, (kJ / kcal): 174kcal, Fat : 0g, of which saturates : 0g, Carbohydrate : 13.9g, of which sugars : 1.3g, Protein : 1.6g, Salt : 0.02g

Best served chilled in our iconic Chalice. Stella Artois pairs well with salmon, tuna and marbled meat. Its bitterness offers a pleasing contrast with sweet reductions and sauces and its carbonation means it pairs well with rich and fried foods, as long as their intensity is not too high

Brewed by: AB InBev UK Limited, EC4A 1EN.

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