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  • Mass Gainer

    Our most popular weight gainer formula designed for serious bulking, containing over 500kcal per serving including at least 65g of carbohydrate, 5g of leucine, and 43g of protein from slow and fast release sources.

    When it comes to building muscle, working out is only the first part. Your body needs protein to build new muscle, as protein contributes to the growth of muscle mass. So our Mass Gainer formula is loaded with a combination of protein from multiple sources, high quality carbs and added leucine – and it’s available in a selection of incredible flavours.

    Each serving of Mass Gainer gives you over 500kcal in a blend of proteins and carbohydrates. By using a combination of 50% whey protein concentrate and 50% milk protein concentrate, your body gets a range of proteins with different rates of absorption, and we use ultra fine oats rather than sugar-based carbohydrates to give you a high quality energy source while you gain. And to top it off, Mass Gainer contains at least 5g of leucine as well.


    Mass Gainer is ideal for anyone looking to increase their muscle mass and promote weight gain.

    If you’re on an intense bulking programme, struggle to put on muscle, or want an easier way to add in the calories every day, this is the formula for you. And if you’re looking for a vegan alternative, check out our Vegan Mass Gainer.


    • Built for Bulking

    Load up on calories with minimal hassle: Over 500kcal per 135g serving.

    • High in Protein

    Contains at least 43g of protein per serving from both fast and slow release sources.

    • Energy Boost

    At least 65g of high quality carbohydrates per serving sourced from ultra fine oats.

    • Muscle Maintenance

    High in protein which contributes to the growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

    • Post-Workout Perfection

    Ideal as a post-workout shake after a high-intensity training session, or even in between meals to boost calorie content

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