Snack A Jacks Caramel Sharing Rice Cakes Crisps 159g

Sale priceEC$14.49


Caramel Flavour Rice and Corn Cakes

Popped (never fried)

51 kcal per snack

Crispy Rice and Corn Cakes

Made with Quality Ingredients

We're Crunchy..!

Suitable for Vegetarians

- Sweet caramel flavour jumbo snacks made with rice and corn
- Light, crunchy and wonderfully tasty, Snack A Jacks Caramel Rice Cakes are delicious snacks made with your convenience in mind
- Popped never fried
- Each snack contains 51 calories
- Suitable for vegetarians
- Contains no artificial colours or preservatives and no added MSG

What's poppin'? Forget frying. We pop non-stop until we reach total snackisfaction.
That means mouth-tinglin' flavour with absolutely no artificial colours or preservatives and no added MSG.
Cave to the crave. You want it? You got it. Open up and dig in to unstoppable flavour that's under 100 calories per snack.
The day is yours. Seize the snack!

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