Nutricia Nutilis Clear Powder 175 g

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Nutilis Powder is an instant thickener that is easily incorporated into liquid or mixed preparations, sweet or salty, hot or cold and oral nutritional supplements.


Unlike other thickeners, Nutilis Powder has unique salivary amylase resistance properties to ensure that thickened liquids or foods keep the desired consistency without liquid formation in the mouth.


Nutilis Powder does not alter the taste of thickened foods or beverages. Foods and beverages thickened with Nutilis Powder can be safely cooled, frozen or reheated. In order to obtain an optimal result, it is important to take care of the presentation of the dishes because it stimulates the patient's palatability


Directions for use:

1. Pour the drink to be thickened into the shaker

2. Add the recommended number of Nutilis Powder scoops

3. Screw the lid and mix vigorously until the powder dissolves completely (approximately 5 to 10 seconds)

4. Stir gently for 1 to 2 minutes

5. Let stand so that the drink reaches the desired consistency


Do not add Nutilis Powder during the break time.

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