Jack Links Original Beef Jerky 25g

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Tasty Thin Strips of Select Beef - Marinated, Smoked and Dried - Original Flavour.

100% lean beef

High in protein

Ready to eat snack

No added MSG

No artificial colouring

Halal - Fambras Halal Brazil

How we craft our beef jerky...
We only use select rump beef, cut into thin strips. These are then seasoned carefully with our special family recipe using selected ingredients. Finally the thin beef strips are dried and smoked slowly in hot air - in the traditional way.
1. Select best cuts
2. Preparation
3. Seasoning / marinade
4. Smoking & drying

Jack Link™ quality guarantee family owned since 1885

Quality & Tradition
"Over 100 years ago, my great-grandparents settled in the Northwoods of Wisconsin, bringing with them treasured family recipes and an adventurous spirit.
My family us still here in Northern Wisconsin, taking pride in the quality products we make from those same time-honored recipes. So go ahead, try our snacks. My name on the package is my personal guarantee of your satisfaction. Enjoy!"
Jack Link

Packed in a protective atmosphere

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