Freee Gluten Free Organic Fibre Flakes 375g

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Gluten Free Organic Fibre Flakes


Free from Gluten & Milk

Crunchy flakes made with brown rice

Low Fat

High Fibre

Suitable for vegans

Kosher - KLBD - Parve

It all starts with sunshine, soil and water...
The secret behind these crunchy Fibre Flakes is our specially selected, organic brown rice, which is nurtured and grown in sun-drenched fields. So, as you savour them take a moment to imagine these fields and listen to the bird song, the gentle droning of bees and whisper of butterflies in their natural habitats - an inspiring way to start any day!

My gluten free journey began in 1978 when I discovered how difficult it was to find suitable grains and foods for a gluten free diet. The distinctive attributes of alternative grains and their ability to create spectacular dishes is still my inspiration. With a FREEE breakfast cereal in my cupboard, I'm ready for the day ahead. It's great starting my morning with a tasty, low fat, high-fibre organic breakfast.
Founder. FREEE

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Cereal Blend* (Brown Rice*66%, Maize Flour*, Maize Bran*, Rice Bran Extract*), Cane Sugar*, Salt, *Organic produce

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