Febreze Aerosol Fruity Tropics 300ml

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  • Uses a unique odour elimination technology
  • Eliminates odours without masking them
  • Leaves a fruity tropics scent

Febreze Air Freshener Spray 300ml eliminates odours and infuses your space with a light fresh scent. Its fruity tropics fragrance will make you feel like you are driving among palm trees under the tropical sun, enjoying the scent of exotic fruit. This air freshener aerosol is like a breath of fresh air sweeping away stale and stifling odours and leaving a light fresh scent, making your home feel fresh and renewed every day. The spray is different from many other air fresheners as it contains a nitrogen propellant (nitrogen is 80 percent of the air we breathe) and odours are eliminated thanks to a unique technology that captures smelly molecules and neutralises them rather than just masking them.

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