Clipper Fairtrade Restoring Roots Ginger & Turmeric Organic Bags x20 36g

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Organic Ginger, Turmeric and Black Pepper Infusion



Natural, Fair & Delicious

Radiant Roots to Revive & Restore

Individually wrapped for freshness

Fabulous & fiery ginger, with undertones of warming golden turmeric and a surprising twist of black pepper to make your tongue tingle. Fresh, warming and spicy - the perfect boost, no matter how you're feeling.

We believe that simple is better - which is why our teabags are always plant-based, biodegradable and unbleached. It's why we'd never use staples (we'd much rather fold & tie our teabags with organic cotton) - which means you can simply pop the used teabag in your food waste bin. It's also why we've made sure all our boxes and envelopes are 100% recyclable.
Natural, fair and delicious, all the way.


    • Ginger Root* (65%),
    • Turmeric* (12%),
    • Lemongrass*,
    • Cinnamon*,
    • Natural Ginger Flavouring (2%),
    • Black Pepper* (1%),
  • *Organically grown ingredient

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